If you are living Overseas

1. Complete registration forms for each of your children

2. Send an email with the registration forms as attachments to :

3. We will respond to your email and answer any questions you have.  If you will be visiting Aalborg before you intend to move, we can arrange an interview for that time.

4. If you will not be visiting Aalborg prior to your move, you should include in the email or by post any information necessary to enable us to meet the needs of your child.

4. We will then offer you places in appropriate classes if these places are available at the time you want them.

5. You will need to pay the registration fee within the specified time to secure the places.

6. If you are joining us for a new school year you should be aware of visa requirements and the time needed for acquiring CPR numbers for yourself and your child. Children arriving after the 1st of September without CPR numbers are likely to be subject to the higher fee charges.

If you are living in Denmark

1. For a brochure, telephone or email the Department Secretary, Heather Knudsen

2. To make an appointment for an interview, telephone or email;

International classes, Stages 1 to 11;  Jenny Rohd-Thomsen 0045 41 32 00 53

3. Complete the registration forms at the interview.

4. We will send out offers of places by the end of December prior to the new school year. If you do not hear by December, it is possible you will still get places if those before you on any waiting lists change their minds.

5. To secure a place you should pay the registration fee by the date specified.


Skipper Clement School International Department - Gammel Kærvej 28-30 - 9000 Aalborg - E-mail