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Cambridge International Examinations Centre

The Department is a CIE centre and has been recognised by CIE since 2002. Students take exams marked externally by CIE at the end of

Year 6     (End of primary)                                Checkpoint 1  (English, maths and science)

Year 9     (End of lower secondary)                Checkpoint 2  (English, maths and science)

Year 11   (End of secondary school)              IGCSE (All subjects chosen)


Danish Afgangsprøve and FP10 exams

Students in the International department can take FP9 in Danish language only at the end of Year 10 or Year 11.

Students in the Danish Euro Classes take FP10 exams in Danish, English, Maths, Science and German or French. They can also take IGCSE exams in English and German if they choose.


Internal Exams

We use Cambridge end of year assessments in English, Maths and Science to check students' progress. We also have internal tests prior to Christmas and in June for other subjects for students in years 7 to 11.

Year December June   
1/2 Continuous assessment-checklists Continuous assessment.checklists
3   CIE End of year tests, English, Maths,
4   CIE End of year tests, English, Maths,
5   CIE End of year tests, English, Maths,
6   Checkpoint 1 English, Maths and Science,
7 Internal tests CIE End of year tests, English, Maths and Science
8 Internal tests CIE End of year tests, English, Maths and Science
9 Internal tests Checkpoint 2 English, Maths and Science
10 Internal tests FSA Dansk, IGCSE Eng. 2nd lang and Core Maths
11 Internal tests IGCSE Exams , all subjects


In this way parents can monitor their children's progress when transferring from one school to another or changing school systems. We believe these tests can help both teachers, parents and students understand better the challenges the students face in their learning programmes. To know more about CIE you can watch this video


Reporting to Parents

There are four formal occasions when student progress is reported to parents:

Two written reports at the end of first and second semesters, December and June.

Two oral reports usually half way through each semester, ie October and March. Students are invited to participate in these conferences as well.

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