FEES 2015/16

Prices given are quarterly                                With CPR number                  Without CPR
All classes                                                           6000 dkk                               10,250 dkk
For Years 7, 9 and 11 there is an additional compulsory week long school trip. The cost of this varies from 2,000 dkk for 5 days to 7000dkk for 7 days overseas depending on the content of the trip.
Rebates (Quarterly)
For children in the International Department only
First sibling                                                            3200 dkk
Second sibling                                                        3200 dkk
Third sibling                                                           Free
For families with some children in the international department and some in the Danish department.
First sibling                                                              1000 dkk
Second sibling                                                          2000 dkk
Third sibling                                                             Free
Weekly rate for short stay families                          750 dkk per child per week
CPR numbers
A child needs a CPR number from the kommune in which he/she will live during his/her stay in Denmark. These must be applied for before 1st September on arrival after a visa has been granted. The absence of this number makes a big difference to the school income as the government school subsidy is based on them.
Once you are offered a place and you wish to reserve it for the next school year, you need to pay a registration fee of 4000dkk. 1000kr of this is a non-refundable registration fee and the other 3000dkk is a deposit which is deducted from the first payment after you start at the school.
Fees are payable over 12 months and you receive an invoice quarterly.  The first payment each year covers the months July, August and September.
For people on low incomes there is a Government rebate that is means tested against parents’ income. This can be up to 9000 Danish kroner per year.  Ask at the office for an application form in August of each year.
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