A short history of Aalborg's international school.

                           SCS INTA kids

The children in the picture above attended our school in 2003. In 2011 none of them are with us, they are living in countries around the world including Japan, Korea, France, Sweden, Finland and the USA.

Our school was established in 2001 and now fourteen years later, we have known and taught more than 600 young people from every continent in the world. If you are one of those young people, you are invited to contact us and the students you went to school with through the alumni page under 'Contact Us'.

Why were we established?

 The purpose of the  International Department is to provide an international education in English for children of families that are not Danish and that may be staying in Northen Jutland for a short time, also for children of Danish families that have been living overseas and that are returning to Denmark and for students living in Denmark who may be moving overseas in the future. We also have children of local residents interested in international education.

Our history is short. In 1999 there was a perceived need to help companies in the Northern Jutland region. A  decision to create a school was made by representatives of the local Council and of the local business community and the school opened as a department of a local private school, Klostermarksskolen, in 2001. In 2005 the school moved to Skipper Clement School. Skipper Clement has 750 students in total and school policy is for the international department to grow to form a line within the school of 200 students.  Our growth pattern is a steady one as follows;

Growth Graph












We now have over 190 students in the International Department classes and 72 students in the Euro classes.

In 2010 the Euro Classes joined the International department. The three Danish Euro classes are for Danish students aged 16-17 years old prior to Gymnasium.  As well as Danish FS10 exams, students in the Euro classes can take IGCSE exams in English and German, During this year students study European studies and spend three weeks in England and Germany. During the year, students in the Euro Classes have social events and activities in common.

We became a Cambridge International Examinations Centre in 2002 and students have been taking Checkpoint and IGCSE exams since that time. Every year some students have passed the 'ICE' International Certificate of Education.




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