Junior Department Theatre Productions 

Students in years 1 to 6 participate in the annual school play which takes place in the last week before Christmas each year.

Plays have included:

2005: The Snow Queen

2006: The Little Mermaid

2007: Carmen and the Aalborg Letter

2008: Oliver Twist

2009: The Rocky Monster Show

2010: Honk!

2011: The Life and Times of Roald Amundsen

2012: The Jungle Book

2013: Every Picture tells a Story


2015: Seven Little Penguins (infants)   Alice in Wonderland (Juniors)












Project Week

technology project weekStudents in Years 1 to 7 participate in a project week once a year in the spring. During this week a theme is chosen by teachers and 'active learning' practiced with many practical and hands on activities.

In 2010 the theme of the Project week was 'Technology and Construction'.





Arts and Crafts Day (Åbent Hus)

 On the first Saturday in November students in years 1-6 in both the International and Danishåbent hus departments put their art and craft work on display and show off their musical skills. This lovely day of sharing is much enjoyed by all who participate.





'MotionsDag' and Sports Day

Twice a year all students participate in shared sports activities, once in the autumn and then at the end of the school year in June. The emphasis on these days is participation and enjoyment of physicial exercise.






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