Junior Classes

The Junior Classes, Stages 1 to 6, are based in the main school buildings at Gammel Kærvej 28-30. At the end of their stay in the junior classes, students take Cambridge end of primary tests in English, Maths and Science and Læs 5 in Danish.

All students in these classes learn both English and Danish. If students attend the after-school service they can learn Danish in a more informal context.  Students start to learn their third language, Spanish, from Year 5.

In addition to  language learning in school, we encourage learning of mother tongue languages as much as possible by facilitating parents and teachers to form small 'language clubs' after school. For the past few years we have had clubs for young native speakers of French, German and Spanish.

The School Day

For students in these classes the day starts at 08.00 and finishes by 15.35 at the latest. The number of lessons per class increases as you go up the school with students in Stage 1 having 26 lessons per week and students in Stage 6 having 30. The finishing time each day may vary as a result of timetabling requirements in the school as a whole. Lessons last 45 minutes. 

All students aged 5-9 (Stages 1 to 4) can attend the SFO before/after-school service for an additional charge. This runs from 7.00 to 8.00 in the mornings and 12.00 to 16.30 in the afternoons.    learniing through play

Stage 5 and 6 students can join the SFO club if there are sufficient places.

School day starts:     08.10
Morning break          09.40-9.55
Lunch break             11.25-12.10
School finishes        By 15.15 


Students bring their own food to school in Denmark and eat a cold 'packed lunch'. There is the opportunity to order milk and sandwiches from school suppliers.

School Uniform

We do not have a school uniform, but there is a uniform for sport. See attached information

Books and Resources

The school provides all text and exercise books. Students bring their own pencil cases and math equipment. They also need sports clothes and swimming clothes when these subjects are timetabled.


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