climbingYear 7 Trip to to a Danish destination

Students in Year 7 sometimes go to the island of Bornholm for one week.

While there they participate in various outdoor activities such as abseiling and walking, they find out about the unusual geography and history of the island and live together in groups of 4 or 5 in one of the islands 'vandrehjem'.






Year 10 and Year 11 Geography and Biology fieldtrips

IGCSE students go alternatively on a geography fieldtrip or a biology fieldtrip. the work they carry out is used towards their IGCSE exams. In 2012 students went to Field centres in the UK, Juniper Hall and Flatford Mill. In 2013 they went to Slapton Ley.


Geography fieldwork on rivers, located at field centres at Juniper Hall and Flatford Mill in England.










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