Senior ClassesThere are five classes in this section of the department covering Years 7 to 11. In 2015 Year 7, 8 and 9 are  based at Gammel Kærvej and the other two classes are based at Vesterbro 14, a building located 5 minutes walk away from the main school buildings.

For 2015 the classes are as follows;

Stage 7                                      

In the first year of lower secondary education students start their fourth language, German and start serious science in the science laboratories! This class has a one week history trip to a Danish destination.

Stage 8 and Stage 9

Stage 8 have Home economics while Stage 9 have Information technology as a one year subject. Both classes participate in fund-raising at the school events. Stage 9 have a one week trip to a European destination.

These classes can particpate in the annual school play and the choirs.

Focus is given for year 9 students working towards Checkpoint diagnostic tests in English, Maths and Science at the end of the year. 

Stage 10 and Stage 11

These two year groups  cover the two years of IGCSE courses. Most students take FP9 Dansk in Year 10 along with core mathematics and English as a second language IGCSE. All other IGCSE exams are taken at the end of Year 11 after two years of study. In 2015 Stage 10 is going on a geography fieldwork trip to England.

The School Day

For students in these classes, start and finish times each day can vary depending on the availability of function rooms. The normal day ranges between 8.00 and 15.35.


Students bring their own packed lunches to school, but there is the possibility of ordering pre-made sandwiches and milk.

Books and Resources

The school provides textbooks and exercise books. Students need to bring all writing materials and mathematics equipment including calculators.

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