Solsikken is Skipper Clement School's After School Activities Club. 
The facility is structured to provide a safe and stimulating environment where children are nutured and challenged. SFO often arranges local trips for the children, and organises exciting activities linked to a theme or season. Children from the International and Danish departments are free to mix together, allowing the opportunity for new friendships. This is a place where children learn Danish language through play.

SFO is open Monday – Friday from 06.45-8.10 and 11.30-16.30
It is open to students from Stages 1 to 4.
Solsikken also has a Club for Stage 5/6 and Danish 4.kl children. There are regular scheduled activities like cooking, science club and triathlon training every week. Opening hours are 12.30-15.30 Monday – Friday.

The SFO is open during  selected weeks of the School Holidays

SFO is not open during the Christmas Holidays between Christmas and New Year.


Skipper Clement School International Department - Gammel Kærvej 28-30 - 9000 Aalborg - E-mail